COOP Jednota Brezno

COOP Jednota Brezno

Food Projects, Car Rentals, Glaziers, Rest Houses, Air Treatment and Conditioning, Patisseries, Refreshments, Plumbers and Heating Engineers, Wholesale and manufacture, Accommodation, Motor, Pawn, Leasing, Painters, Restaurants, Cigarette and Tobacco, Alcohol, Fast Foods, Leasing Companies

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COOP Jednota Brezno

Address COOP Jednota Brezno

Nám. gen. M. R. Štefánika 44/52
977 01 Brezno

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Contact COOP Jednota Brezno

Phone: 048 / 611 43 44
Ján Kováčik, riaditeľ ekonomického úseku
048 / 611 20 43

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